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Love seeing the artwork. The intuitiveness to not give up and to turn negatives throughout your lifetime into a positive is inspiring. The imagination of ones self is within and to take the beautiful creations from within to canvas is a gift. Keep up the good work and congrats on the website...
Rhonda McGrath - 11 Nov 2018
I’m so excited to get my painting I absolutely love it thank you
Jane - 16 Oct 2018
Your Dragon Stream makes my neighbor pop into my head. Love when art speaks to me that way. If anyone is interested in the Christmas stockings I can tell you they are excellent.
Jackie Fowler - 1 Sep 2018
I love your abstracts and the new fiber art is fantastic. Keep it up my friend! Your art lifts my spirits!
Sue S - 30 Aug 2018
I love your paintings. I can see the joy and release that they bring to you.
Jessica Fegan - 30 Aug 2018
I absolutely love your work, and feel pretty special getting to see them come together.
Jacob Sujjo - 29 Aug 2018
I'm so happy your getting to do what makes you feel good, keep up the good work.
Eric McGrath - 13 Aug 2018
Love seeing your work! Very pretty!
Meagan McGrath - 10 Aug 2018
You are keeping busy with all your new endeavors. Good luck!
Jackie Fowler - 9 Aug 2018
Your art makes the soul feel splendid.
travis flowers - 7 Aug 2018
Enjoyed seeing your creations!
Jackie Fowler - 26 Mar 2018
Absolutely love your work.
Jane Brower - 4 Mar 2018
So impressed with your new website. Good for you. LOVED your bio. Never give up is what it says to me! Xx
MJ kiskinen - 6 Feb 2018
I love your Art website :-)
Nicole Slater - 2 Feb 2018
I love your Art website :-)
Nicole Slater - 2 Feb 2018
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