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What used to be my dining room

Tuscan Tapestry is the first really large canvas I've worked with and the challenge, especially with inks, is finding a place to keep it flat.  For the under painting, I also wanted to be able to sit for a while and work all around.  So the dining room became another studio room and worked great for the painting.  Now that I finished that and am ready to start inking, I decided the living room floor would give me greater space above the surface of the painting (so I don't have to stand on a stool -- being what has been called a short person).  

What used to be and will be again my living room

Also trying to keep inks and spatters off hardwood floors and furniture!


Continue to be very excited with my other works in progress.  I have added a photo of the freesias I mentioned to my first post and see several ways to play with the lights and brights of the flowers.  Am pleased with what I have so far for a background and the glow of the idea has not faded a bit.  In fact, I'm even considering a similar painting on white canvas (did I mention I started this one on a black canvas?) to compare ways to lay in the flowers and do the backgrounds.


Yes, the Back Boleo Argentine Tango painting is coming along.  But, while I have posted it as a work in progress on Instagram, it isn't quite ready to make a debut here.  What is ready is the Tote-Alley prototype, which is in the sewing together stages.  And I am prepping a lighter, more flexible canvas to use in these projects as I think it will work even better.  

Here the original painting forms a lined pocket on one side of the tote, which has a zippered closure and webbing straps.

In case you are wondering, this project is taking up most of the table space in my sewing room (also used on occasion as an additional studio).  Then there is what was once a spare bedroom (before my time) that I used as a fitting room with triple mirror for tailoring.  So if you go looking for a measuring tape . . . well, there should be one in most every room -- just where in that room is another question:)



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(posted on 24 Feb 2018)

Good morning and welcome to my very first blog which (much like my brand new website) is both immensely exciting and scarifying.  Both good things for my painting journey, as it turns it all into an adventure!  And this adventure is growing almost as fast as my 'things to do' list, which is expanding my horizons exponentially.

WIP report shows my first (lot of firsts going on here) really big canvas needing about three more painted designs and then I will be ready to start inking.  The 'Back Boleo' combination of Argentine Tango dancing with acrylic ink techniques background is awaiting another primer coat for the figures.  Once that dries, I will start painting the actual figures.  My crazy idea for wearable original art (running out of wall space?  want something exclusive and different?) is in the sew together stage of a 'tote-alley' prototype for a tote bag.

Day before yesterday, a friend brought me some absolutely gorgeous freesias from her garden.  She put them in a glass of water on the kitchen counter near a window.  I walked by later as the sunlight caught in the flowers, making an extraordinary study in light and contrasts.  Ah, the beginning idea for a new painting. 

Second step, another friend commented on how much she liked hummingbirds.  Now this painting is clamoring for a start and I will have to decide what size so I can get that to quiet down a little -- or at least enough so I can work on the others.  I find if I wait too long to at least start the painting, the original glow seems to fade.  But there are so many, many ideas and I still have so very, very much to learn!  

Gee, do you think I have too much going at one time?  I think that too, but at least I tell myself that I can work on one while another is drying sufficiently to work on it without trying too soon and smearing.

Another delightful surprise yesterday.  I was feeling a bit discouraged (okay, more than a bit) and decided to pick up a brush and see what happened.  Zap.  It was suddenly an hour and a half later and I was smiling.  Sort of an instant release happy pill, with no chemicals to mess with my body and mind.  Highly recommended!

Well, I'd best get to another item on my to do list and start adding up the day's accomplishments:)!



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