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(posted on 4 Mar 2018)

Pleased that I have made progress on three projects, although only one that I photographed at this point.

So here are the freesias in what I think are their final stage.  Sometimes I actually keep working on a painting when I should stop and this may be an example of that in two ways.  I may have liked the flowers better when I first put them in, but I really wanted to play with the light/bright highlights.  Too late to go back now anyway and I am glad I did the experiment.  Now the decision is whether to add the hummingbirds (or just one) that I initially envisioned when this inspiration hit.  Think I will sleep on that and see if subconscious or intuition or just plain stubborness comes up with an answer.  I already want to do a very similar composition on a different canvas and background, so it shouldn't be that difficult to figure out.  Right?

Meanwhile, Argentine Tango Back Boleo and Tuscan Tapestry have each taken another step forward.  I am eager to see how each of these come along and will share as soon as they are ready (they are feeling a bit shy today).

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