original art for everyone


(posted on 3 Mar 2018)


After a somewhat nervous day listening to me muttering that the point of prototypes is to determine what doesn't work as well as what does work (and feeling the scissors coming closer and closer), this burgundy tote prototype is out in the world (and happy to be so).  With a zippered closure top and stiffened base, the front pocket is the original art work.  Shoulder straps are cotton webbing.  Looking forward to hearing testing results and will pass them along.



Here we have a simple shopping bag style tote.  While the original artwork could have been a front pocket, in this case it is just stitched to the front of the tote.  Stiffened base and either short shoulder handles or long hand carry.  The canvas used for this painting is more flexible and lighter weight than used in the burgundy tote above.  Should be interesting to see how each reacts to use.


Several more ideas for Tote~Alley, but need to get back to some other works in progress before they lose freshness :)


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