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(posted on 19 Mar 2018)

Very pleased to have added several new paintings to the gallery: Freesia Friendships, Humming, and Dragon Steam!  Hoping to add a couple more in the next week or so.  While preparing for the Mistlin Gallery "Spring Awakening" show and for the Artist Open Studio (see 'Events' for dates), and reviewing the gallery, I discovered some errors that apparently occurred in transferring prices when the gallery was set up.  Think I've got all of these corrected now.  But if you have any questions about a particular painting, please do email me!  I do want my paintings to find good homes with people who enjoy and appreciate them.

One of my favorites among the new works:

Dragon Steam


#hummingbirds #pansies #flowers #abstract #whimsical #dragons #fantasy #freesias #friendship #lightstudy #intuitivepainting