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(posted on 15 Sep 2018)

Delighted to announce September's drawing winner is Eric!  

Next drawing will be October 15th.  To enter sign guestbook and/or email me with website name of your favorite work.  Remember, Christmas is coming.

(posted on 30 Aug 2018)

Delighted to announce the three winners in today's drawing:




And since two entries stuck together when drawn, the additional winner is Sue.

For those whose names were not drawn, email me the website name(s) of your favorite work(s) to enter the drawing to be held on September 15th!

You still have time to sign my guestbook to enter this drawing which will have three winners!  


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(posted on 2 Aug 2018)

Christmas In September!!!!

Announcing a new gallery: Fiber Arts, including hand knitted Christmas stockings and other hand crafted items.

And to Celebrate:

A spectacular sale of 50% or more off every item on website (except for new Fiber Arts gallery and Tote~Alley Exclusives)!!!

And a free drawing for any item on website with this symbol  in description.

To enter drawing, just sign guestbook.  Your email address will not be shared with anyone and used only to notify you when/if you win drawing and to let you know about additional drawings and other news about the website.

The first drawing will be held August 30th and to kick it off, there will be three winners notified by email and announced in my blog.  Additional drawings will be held in September, October, November and December with one winner each month.  I will give information on how to enter September's drawing by the second week in September and by the second week for each of the October, November and December drawings.

Sale starts September 1st.

Further Details

The handknit Christmas Stockings in this gallery make great wedding and new baby gifts. Start a family tradition and make special memories! Each stocking can be personalized with a name in the 'cuff' after purchase. Although the basic designs may be used for more than one stocking, each is still a unique, one-of-a-kind stocking as availability of materials, design details and colors vary. Each bead and bell is sewn on separately by hand. Requests will be considered with the understanding that these projects require varying times to complete, depending on how elaborate the design and what my schedule is like. Other stocking designs currently available: Santa, snowman, candy cane with bow, candy cane with small bear, nutcracker, reindeer, small bear decorating tree.  If you have a special design or picture, I will be glad to look at it and determine if it will work for a knitted stocking.

Hand crocheted scarfs and shawls, along with other wearable art, are each unique and made with a variety of yarns from elegant cashmere, wools, bamboo silks to fun ribbon and comfy acrylic yarns.

I am currently working on a number of projects and will be adding to the website as each is completed.  Should be several added during the month of August, so check again please!

Anyone who lives or will be near the Modesto, CA area and would like to examine the actual items can email me to make an appointment.

If you have any questions about sale or drawing or website, please email me and I will answer as soon as possible.


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(posted on 25 Mar 2018)

To add my most recent painting to the gallery.  It is the largest canvas I've worked with so far and I learned a great deal during the process.  Meanwhile, there are several paintings roaming around in my head, looking forward to making a debut of their own.  Still doing some prep work for the Artist Open Studio and dropped off four paintings today for Mistlin Gallery's 'Spring Awakening' show (see events).  

#tuscan #tapestry #spirals #vines #scrolls #grapeleaves #sunmasks

(posted on 19 Mar 2018)

Very pleased to have added several new paintings to the gallery: Freesia Friendships, Humming, and Dragon Steam!  Hoping to add a couple more in the next week or so.  While preparing for the Mistlin Gallery "Spring Awakening" show and for the Artist Open Studio (see 'Events' for dates), and reviewing the gallery, I discovered some errors that apparently occurred in transferring prices when the gallery was set up.  Think I've got all of these corrected now.  But if you have any questions about a particular painting, please do email me!  I do want my paintings to find good homes with people who enjoy and appreciate them.

One of my favorites among the new works:

Dragon Steam


#hummingbirds #pansies #flowers #abstract #whimsical #dragons #fantasy #freesias #friendship #lightstudy #intuitivepainting

(posted on 13 Mar 2018)

It always seems to surprise me how much time it takes to bring order to the chaos I allow to creep up on me ~ especially when I include actually doing the paperwork.  In addition, have been doing prep work for the Artist Open Studio coming up and getting my four paintings that will hang in Mistlin Gallery's 'Spring Awakening' show starting March 27th (running through April 28th) ready for delivery.  

This Thursday there will be a preview for the Open Studio during the monthly third Thursday Art Walk in downtown Modesto.  I will be showing a painting at the Gallo Center and hoping to encourage people there to participate in the Open Studio tour.  There will also be a preview on March 27th at the Mistlin Gallery's 'Spring Awakening' show opening.

Meanwhile the Tote~Alley prototypes are running around town and reporting all sorts of helpful information back.  With all else going on and the adjustments that may be needed, I think getting even more info on the test runs and letting potential solutions simmer is the way to go for now.


The decision process on my freesia painting took a bit longer than overnight, but I've decided to hold off on adding hummingbirds (although that will definitely be another painting, probably with different flowers).  So here is 

Freesia Friendships

now appearing in the gallery of new works, abstracts and florals

Will have several other completed paintings added to the gallery in the next few days once I have gathered the information on them.

Now I'd best get to doing some additional paperwork so that I can take brush in hand and . . .

(posted on 6 Mar 2018)

So no photo ops for works in progress until I DO something to lift the weight that seems to be slowing things down.  I did pick up materials for the Stanilaus Artist Open Studio event and am excited about participating in this for the first time.  

Hope you can read all info easily.  If you have any questions, please email me!  Would love to see you and to show my 'studio' and paintings live and in person.  I have ten tour books (ticket and entry form) available at the moment.

Okay.  Off to get some tidying done so I can get some painting done!

(posted on 4 Mar 2018)

Pleased that I have made progress on three projects, although only one that I photographed at this point.

So here are the freesias in what I think are their final stage.  Sometimes I actually keep working on a painting when I should stop and this may be an example of that in two ways.  I may have liked the flowers better when I first put them in, but I really wanted to play with the light/bright highlights.  Too late to go back now anyway and I am glad I did the experiment.  Now the decision is whether to add the hummingbirds (or just one) that I initially envisioned when this inspiration hit.  Think I will sleep on that and see if subconscious or intuition or just plain stubborness comes up with an answer.  I already want to do a very similar composition on a different canvas and background, so it shouldn't be that difficult to figure out.  Right?

Meanwhile, Argentine Tango Back Boleo and Tuscan Tapestry have each taken another step forward.  I am eager to see how each of these come along and will share as soon as they are ready (they are feeling a bit shy today).

#freesias #hummingbirds #friendship #painting

(posted on 3 Mar 2018)


After a somewhat nervous day listening to me muttering that the point of prototypes is to determine what doesn't work as well as what does work (and feeling the scissors coming closer and closer), this burgundy tote prototype is out in the world (and happy to be so).  With a zippered closure top and stiffened base, the front pocket is the original art work.  Shoulder straps are cotton webbing.  Looking forward to hearing testing results and will pass them along.



Here we have a simple shopping bag style tote.  While the original artwork could have been a front pocket, in this case it is just stitched to the front of the tote.  Stiffened base and either short shoulder handles or long hand carry.  The canvas used for this painting is more flexible and lighter weight than used in the burgundy tote above.  Should be interesting to see how each reacts to use.


Several more ideas for Tote~Alley, but need to get back to some other works in progress before they lose freshness :)


#totebags #prototypes

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